"Oh..! I'm REALLY impressed about the fact that you created that ...! I work in the computer world myself, but never thought such a program would be created" Angela Wilder, California, USA

Femta screenshot. The calendar and two charts displayed

Femta is an application created for making it easy to keep track of all woman's periods and to get interesting related information.

During each cycle there are only a few days in which you can become pregnant in each cycle. With Femta you can easily determine these days and plan your intimate life. You can use the natural method of contraception based on calculation of these days. All the calculations are based on your own personal data.

"Ovulation calendar", "ovulation calculator", "ovulation predictor", "fertility calculator", "fertility predictor", "pregnancy calendar" - these terms cover only a part of Femta functions.

The emotional, psychological state, and sexual feelings of a woman often depend on the day of her current cycle. With Femta you can watch it easily.

Femta will relieve you from the burden of counting the days on a calendar and avoid errors in calculations. All the periods and any kind of calculated data can be conveniently viewed on the calendar.

Key features of Femta allow you:

  • Easily view and determine the "safe" and "unsafe" times during your cycle. Femta calculates the probabilities of becoming pregnant for every day of your cycle and displays them in the charts and calendar. Plan your sexual life and use the natural method of contraception.
  • Keep track of your cycles. With Femta you can easily record all your periods of: menstruations, pregnancy and childbirth, lactation.
  • Plan your family and control the conception of your child. You can use Femta both to avoid and to achieve pregnancy.
  • Determine the estimated date of childbirth.
  • Plan the gender of your future child. Using Femta you can increase the probability to conceive the child according to the desired sex.
  • Predict future cycles, making it possible for you to plan menstruation-free important events, such as vacations, trip or travel, wedding, and others. Femta will estimate the dates of your future periods several months ahead.
Femta allows you to conveniently view all the data in the calendar and five types of charts, contains a lot of settings for displaying of data, includes other great features, such as statistics, wizards, print preview, context sensitive help, and more.

Femta is a very easy-to-use, configurable, well-designed, high-quality application.

Q.: Is Femta the program only for women ? Can a man use it ?
A.: Of course he can, if he knows his wife(girlfriend)'s dates of cycles. Our statistics say that about 35% of registered users are men.

What users say about Femta:

"Wonderful idea ! Your program is very cool ..." Maria Eduarda, Florida, USA

"I seem to like Femta a lot. It will be very helpful for me, especially when me and my husband decide to have children." Alexia, Italy

"Femta is very nice. Installs and runs perfectly. I really like the interface. Some truly amazing work." Alina Nylander, Netherlands

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