Femta Ovulation Calendar - original software to keep track of women's cycles and get interesting related information.  Femta is the best fertility-ovulation calendar & calculator & predictor. Download and try it for FREE ! Welcome to the home of Femta! The best ovulation calendar software.

An award-winning innovative program which allows to keep track of all woman's periods and view related information

The ovulation calendar software which helps determine the best time to get pregnant as well as the best time to avoid getting pregnant (based on women's cycles). Very intuitive and easy-to-use. Works under Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. Requires about 1 mb of disk space. Click here to download and try it for free

Did you ever ask yourself:

How safe is it to make love without getting pregnant today?
What is the natural method of contraception ?
What is the current day of my cycle ?
When do my next cycles begin ?
I`d like to plan the vacation (travel, wedding, etc.)
Can I plan the gender of my future baby ?
During what days is it possible for me to become pregnant ?
What is the current week of pregnancy ?
What is the estimated due date ?

Femta quickly gives you the answers for these questions.
Are you looking for an ovulation calendar, pregnancy calendar,
ovulation calculator or something like this ?
Femta has much more functions, it is your personal tool,
running on your own PC.
It is a MUST HAVE app for every woman and every couple.

Learn more about Femta

Download and try it on your PC for FREE!

Version 3.3, File name: femta.exe, size: 1.27 MB. "Open from its current location" to install.

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